We’re not trained chefs or professional taste testers. We’re just two brown women who love to eat.

We are two childhood besties from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. We’ve known each other since the 7th grade — same street, same middle school, same high school, same college, same dorm room. Then Nichole screwed it all up when she moved to Washington, DC.

This project started in spring 2020 when we watched the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately negatively affect eateries owned by people of color throughout the country. Afraid to see these businesses disappear, we saw this blog as a way for us to celebrate and support local POC-owned businesses in our communities. This blog features and reviews restaurants, chefs, and culinary entrepreneurs of color in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and wherever our internet adventures and travels take us.

I’m Sri

I’ve lived my entire life in Los Angeles and never fell out of love with treasure hunting for good cooking across its sunny sprawl. I’m also a life-long vegetarian and not a “salad person,” so I’m always on the look out for truly interesting plant-forward cooking. My parents are Indian Tamils, so while dosa is delicious, it’s far from my favorite South Indian food and the sambar really has to be great. A passionate home cook since I was a teenager, I’m in the kitchen every chance I get and always collecting for my vast cookbook collection. I get unreasonably excited about rain, and all the things that taste better when it’s gloomy outside.


I’m Nichole

I’ve lived in the heart of Washington, DC, for almost 10 years — eating my way through every restaurant in town. I love really spicy foods and often can’t tell when something has “a little kick” because I’ve destroyed whatever heat detection my taste buds ever had. I can’t eat much dairy so you won’t often see me grabbing those dishes. With immigrant parents from Belize and Guyana, I’m extra picky about Caribbean food. I could live on rice, beans, and habanero sauce. As a native Los Angelino, I’m a taco snob, so if you see me review tacos that means they’re really good. I love growing my own herbs and vegetables and using them in my kitchen. I experiment with cocktails on the weekends. I turn everything into a simple syrup.


Let’s eat!