Mr. Braxton: An Eclectic American Brunch

Mr. Braxton Bar & Kitchen has been on my list for a while. I live right across the street from it and have peeked into this chill, dimly lit spot many times — mostly on Thursday nights when I can hear the live jazz humming down the street. The ambiance is cozy and classy, with vintage furniture and decor which I can only describe as “old money”. There’s something amusing about sitting in a green romantic vintage leather chair while digging into a burger, fries, and an ice cold local beer. I could wear my fur coat, or my sneakers, but I think I can wear both (at the same time) and still feel true to their vibe.

Mr. Braxton opened in 2019 at the edge of Park View and Petworth, D.C., by Shannon Cunningham and Booker Parchment. You can usually find Booker Parchment at the restaurant with his laptop and a big, welcoming smile. While briefly chatting with Parchment we asked, “Why the name Mr. Braxton?” It turns out they named the restaurant after their youngest son, Braxton, who Parchment often calls “Mister Braxton”. Absolutely adorable.

Mr. Braxton’s back patio mural by Eric B. Ricks.
Montelliana by the bottle at Mr. Braxton.

We kicked off our months-in-the-making Mr. Braxton experience on the back patio (which is currently open during COVID-19, following social distancing guidelines) by ordering a bottle of sparkling Montelliana, Montebelluna, Prosecco, which is fruity, but dry and not too sweet. It was about 95 degrees outside, plus 90% humidity, so this bubbly hit the spot while we took in some serious back patio vibes. The string lights, glamourous vintage iron patio furniture, potted and hanging plants, and huge trippy mural on the back of Mr. Braxton’s building — a mural concepted and completed by Eric B. Ricks, a local Liberian muralist — kept our eyes wide open. We muttered lots of, “This is really nice.” If you’re looking for some ambiance with your brunch, this place is for you. I didn’t run out of things to obsess over.

Watermelon and shaved fennel salad at Mr. Braxton.

We started with the watermelon salad, which is tossed with microgreens, and topped with crumbled goat cheese, shaved fennel, and an agave vinaigrette. This sweet and a bit savory salad was a perfect pairing to the light and crisp Montelliana, Montebelluna.

Mr. Braxton Angus burger and truffle fries.

Our main dish was the Mr. Braxton Angus Burger — Black Angus beef (cooked medium), topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, smoked bacon and avocado. When it arrived, I thought, “Eh, it just looks like a burger,” and didn’t really expect much. But after the juicy first bite I said, “Damn, that’s a good burger.” The beef is seasoned so well and cooked perfectly. I could tell the toppings were great quality, especially the smoked bacon, but the beef is the star. It can stand on its own. I tried it without any condiments or toppings and was pleasantly surprised! This patty is great for anyone who is trying to avoid buns.

The burger comes with regular fries, but we upgraded to truffle fries. And then annihilated them. And then ordered more truffle fries — this time with Mr. Braxton’s chipotle aioli and shaved parmesan. These fries are seasoned well and aren’t too greasy, which can happen with truffle fries. Obviously, we loved them. We would have ordered a third, but we have some self control. (Not much, but some.)

Nichole enjoying the Mr. Braxton burger. Don’t worry, masks were worn.

Our entire meal, which we shared, included a watermelon salad, burger with avocado and truffle fries (both at an additional cost), extra side of fries, and an entire bottle of Prosecco, and ended up costing $70 before tip. The bottle of Prosecco was over half of the cost, so if you’re looking to spend less go ahead and skip the bottle. They serve beer, wine by the glass, and have a very enticing cocktail list. We were too stuffed to try dessert, which only means we’ll have to come back just for that.

Since my first visit over a week ago I’ve already been back for another burger and truffle fries. They were that good. Happy eating!

Mr. Braxton is located at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW. in Washington, D.C.

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